Aristides Priakos

Inspirational Speaker - Best Selling Author


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    Aristides Priakos

Ari has a natural ability to reach individuals on a very deep and personal level, and has developed a very specific set of emotional tools, to help people in all areas of their lives. The “references points” are the keys and the most important elements of how we affect each other personally, socially and professionally.  The one thing we must change first is ourselves.

Ari says, “We are here to serve others. When we understand how to serve, and can teach others to do the same, Giving people the tools to show them how to have true leadership is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done, and I am always learning.” Ari resides on the beach in Florida and when not traveling for speaking engagements, or in the Caribbean, enjoying the sand and beach, you will find him talking about life to complete strangers. 

Aristides Priakos holds public events with half-day, one day and two day workshops. These leadership events are designed to set a new course for your life and are packed with the "emotional tools" to help and inspire people to take action and improve many areas of their life.With audience participation, Ari tailors his message so it takes everyone on a fun-filled, yet very emotional journey. The day is filled with laughter, and maybe a few tears along the way, but there are plenty of lessons learned. From the patterns and habits on how we behave, the reference points we have with family, friends and our co-workers, you will discover a great deal about yourself and others. Click on the link to the right to see the outline of the training program.


Aristides Priakos, or Ari as his friends call him, has business in his blood. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the financial services industry, and was a bond trader and investment banker for most of his business career. He now divides his time between speaking engagements, being an entrepreneur, and his philanthropic endeavors.   
Previously involved with some of the largest network marketing companies in the world, he started on a path of personal development twenty years ago, studying with some of the best success coaches in world, honing his skills. He states, “In this continuing journey, I have learned much about life, love and people. When I do trainings for corporations, or during one of my seminars, I tell people that the greatest teachers in the world are also the best students”