I,Alone! Mastering Life's Seven Principles takes you on a journey and is a practical guide to help you live an ideal life. Based on life experiences Ari takes you deep into your mind to see how you are talking to your brain. Get this book today and find out what make you do the things you do.

We are putting our Fall schedule together for the end of 2013.The first part of 2014 will be jam packed with events, This will be the section of the site that will cover Ari's workshops, seminars, book signings,public appearances television, radio, and internet shows.

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A powerful and engaging speaker, Ari rivets the audience with masterful storytelling, his honed wit and his keen eye on life.  A journey in personal development like no other!

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"The Reference Point"

Join Ari for the day as he takes you on a wonderful  journey filled with fun, great stories and a huge swing of your emotions. The workshop is called "Life Force to the Work Force." It is designed to help you discover how your personal life at home affects your work and those around you. Click below to find out how to book Ari for your next event

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